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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Founder & Chief Editor of BHN News Mohd Badar says – “The Future of Journalism Is All-Digital”

Founder & Chief Editor of BHN News Mohd Badar says – “The Future of Journalism Is All-Digital” 

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Digital News Media shapes up the way you stay up to date with the goings-on around the world. A daily dose of updates is what you look for every morning when you wake up. For digital platforms to impact society and let you stay alert while you are on the move, it has become the need of the hour. Digital News Media allows you to select the type of news you are into, and these updates are just a tap away. News Apps provide you relevant content as per your preference that you can access with ease anywhere and at any time of the day. 

People rely on online media as the major channel of information because there are lots of trusted news websites present. Some of the premium Indian News portals are continuously serving people. One of them is BHN News, which delivers exclusive news and updates from all across the globe. 

In the special conversation, Founder & Chief Editor of BHN News Mohd Badar says - Digital technology has revolutionized the way news is gathered, compiled, and disseminated. Digital journalism has opened up new possibilities and has thrown up new challenges. Digital journalism is considered to be the future as more and more newspapers in print are facing lesser circulation. The driving force behind digital journalism has been a plurality of voices. Digital journalism gave hope of an alternative media platform where news can be explored from all possible angles. The emergence of digital journalism also signaled the gradual change in the role of the journalist. Now anyone can report on events around them or take pictures and publish them on various digital platforms without needing a gatekeeper to select or reject their content.

Journalism is not now limited to journalism professionals; amateurs are also taking up journalistic roles. However, A lot of change is happening in the world of journalism with the arrival of digital technology. 

The explosive growth in internet access in India in the last few years has clearly turned out to be a shot in the arm for digital media consumption and has significantly impacted the nature of public debate in the country. 
Online journalism is making a massive impact. Online Journalism promises tremendous speed, interactivity, hype textuality, pagination, multimodality and achievability. It allows room for elaborated opinions, online discussions, and feedback. The public becomes more involved in the process rather than being mere spectators. Social happenings, political movements, and changes, government processes, etc. are now more clearly explained and better understood by people. This aids in the democratic process and thus makes Online Journalism a valuable tool for India. The future is bright for online journalism in India. 

“Creating content for digital platforms and broadcasts is akin to multitasking because the two are very different types of media and you cannot simply stream your live feed online,” Editor-In-Chief of BHN News explained. The group's consistent focus on the Gold Standard of Journalism, combined with the use of best practices and cutting-edge technology, has helped the group maintain its position as the most preferred content source. 

The dedication to improved readability and interaction is also one of the reasons BHN News has grown in popularity. The News Portal is steadfast in its commitment to the public interest and democratic principles. Apart from offering authoritative analysis and commentary, the goal is to develop it into a well-informed digital society as resources increase. It is an ideology news station that strives to provide its audience with impartial reporting. 

If you're tired of the propaganda spread by biassed news organizations and want a genuine, neutral source that provides nothing but facts, check out BHN news via their website:

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